Print 24: Bristol Cathedral has found a home

Print 25 taken at Bristol Cathedral was found by Michael from Prestwich near Manchester on his birthday!

Here it is in it’s new home

I was drawn to the light in the south aisle and in a side chapel near the crossing, the perfect scene presented itself to me as the sunlight eddied across an angelic memorial. Here’s the pic taken for the print:

And here’s where it was left and found

Bristol Cathedral is a real gem - a pure example of space articulated by stone. It is a place where movement and circulation rewards you with view and vista. Huge thanks to Jennie (mini-marshall) and David for their help on the day.

Print 23 St. George’s Hall Liverpool has been found


Print 23 was found within minutes of me leaving the site by @jennafjohnston who used some nifty detective work via social media to locate the print hidden behind a lamp in the entrance portico of the wonderful St. George’s Hall. 

Minutes before it was found I had taken the pic below, printed it, mounted it and framed it behind the fluted columns of this monumental building.

Here’s the pic:


I’ve taken a few pics with glimpses through the columns at St. Georges Hall. I love the interplay of light and geometry that can occur at different times of the day.image